Farm Girl Works

Process & Rates


  • Initial Meeting: where we discuss your goals, what you need specifically, who is responsible for each piece, and a timeline.
  • Estimate of hours from Farm Girl Works. Site architecture (structure of pages) included if a web site.
  • Round 1: 1-3 designs based on initial input. Client gives feedback.
  • Round 2: based on feedback, 1 design that incorporates client changes. If a web site, then additional pages and elements (for example, forms and buttons) are included. Client gives feedback.
  • Round 3: final tweaks to design. If web site, this is when developer is sent the page designs.
  • Project Management of developer and production (for example videos) on web sites.



An estimate can be provided upon request but fee is hourly not by project.

The rate is hourly depending on the task. All rights to artwork are given to client. Initial meeting is free (1 hour) but all meetings thereafter are charged. Design rate is $60/hour with discounts given to non-profits. Production, project management, and meetings are $30/hr.